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Great Photographs at Lakeland Trails

Here's a few tips on getting a great photograph for yourself on a Lakeland Trails event!

The Sign

At all of the events I have a sign, that says "SMILE PHOTO" and one that says "JAMES TOOK YOUR PHOTO". Keep an eye out for the sign the first one will be about 20 meters before you see me, often you'll see it before you see myself.


The Photographer

After the sign you'll see me on the ground, just about to take your photograph. This is the point where you should be mentally and physically preparing to run/smile/jump past me.


Keep Running

When you see the sign you should be running. You might not want to run because I am on an uphill section but I am there so you get an amazing photograph, that's probably the best backdrop on the route. It's best not to stop, then you get an action shot!



Unless you are in it to win it, then you should smile :) when you see your photograph you'll be glad that you did.


Be Fun

Take in to account I am using a wide angle lens so you should be about 4-6 meters away from me when you do your fun move. If you are too far away then you'll just be small in the photograph. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for you telling me you are going to do something.



You do not need to show me your number, unlike other events this is not used. I'm not sure what your "Best Side" is, please don't hope I took a photo of it. And if you can't run like Mo Farah or Usain Bolt, then please don't pose like them ;-) think of something new and be creative.


If I tell you where you should be running, it's probably so you don't get stuck, listen to me. That way you also get a good photograph of yourself.


Get your amazing photo!

Check back to the Lakeland Trails Facebook page on the Monday late afternoon after the event to find your photograph. You can tag yourself in it, comment on it, share it and download it for free.

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