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In memory of my granddad Jim Kirby

There are a few reasons why I have done this project:

  • In memory of my granddad Jim Kirby 1929-2004, he was a keen train spotter and photographed quite a few of them. I found in his slides he photographed a rusty 60034 Lord Farrington from back in 1968. It was fitting that the 60009 Union of South Africa (which was finished being built in 1938) was passing so much on the west coast main line. (See black 5 numbers for more slides).

  • It's given me a chance to explore a project from lots of creative angles. With still a few more to capture, its end of the winter season now so those will have to wait till they come back on the line. Different from the norm. While i have been shooting in mostly cloudy light, my editing has proved to enhance them to the point where you can't notice this. Additional a second level of editing was required due to either being on the west coast main line with electricity wires or flat light. You can see the editing I have done here.

  • Editing each photo has taken about an hour. With about three levels of edits. First of the photo was brought into lightroom with the first pass of basic editing, then if needed brought into photoshop to remove any wires and pylons that where cluttering up the photos and then extra minor tweaks like brightness in photoshop.

  • To see what I have edited within the photographs, check out this link. You can see the photo I shot from the camera and hovering over the photo you can see the edited photo.

  • Each passing train lasts about 15 seconds around kendal, its a one time event which has to be captured. This means shots have to be planned, times, locations and kit. So many details to take into account, at least an hour of planning for each photo.

  • Time lines of photos, 1 hour of planning, 20 mins of kit preparation, 30 mins of walking or biking to the location, 15 mins of waiting around for the train to pass by, 30 mins of walking back, about an hour of editing, 15 mins of social sharing. Thats about 3 hours just for a couple of photographs. Not forgetting learning how to use the camera and lightroom to make the best of the photographs. So don't think these photos are just snapped, they have been carefully created just to get exactly what I want to capture for my memories.











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