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Photography by James Kirby

Commerical Drone Photography

With 18 years of photography experience, I'm taking to the air with commercial drone based photography around the south Lake District.

  • Save on temporary scaffolding installations and the high risk of falling off a ladder.
  • Get detailed photography of roofs, solar panels, gutters, chimneys, walls, windows, trees, gardens and anything up to 120 meters (400ft) high.
  • Photographs delivered to you within 48 hours or sooner on request.
  • If there's a need for ground based photography I have a modern full frame camera which I can bring along on request.
  • Photographs can be permanently edited to increase privacy.
  • With drone photography I can't fly over crowds, in the rain or in high winds. Also near places such as airpots.
  • My mode of transportation is by foot, bicycle, bus or train. Which means for you less expenses to add to the cost of my time.
  • I hold a CAA flyer ID and operator ID.
  • Also I'm aware of the low flying zones around the Lake District, but shouldn't be required to go that high for many commercial jobs.
  • The photographs in the slide show maybe be from recreational drone usage.
  • I do have third party liability insurance.