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Covid 19 Updates

06/02/2021: It turns out I did 26 events in 2020 which in light of Covid-19 was really good going. Taking things slower in 2021 so far due to lockdown 3 happening means no events until they are possible again. I'm still working on web sites and doing photo shoots for businesses outside.

Staying away from humans and double masking to keep safe I've not caught Covid-19 and my intentions are never to. I don't know when the vaxine will come for the 30-40 age group but it could be some time, until then I'm going to limit human contact where possible.

24/09/2020: It's almost three months on since my last update and Covid-19 is back on the rise again. Events are happening safely again with Covid-19 guidelines in place. Having now done 16 events this year, it's a very slow year but I'm hopefully if we do our bit to keep safe then we will be better off.

Adding to my PPE, which is my mask, eco hand sanitiser and keeping my distance from people. I've also installed the NHS Track and Trace app to keep myself aware of anyone I might be passing who has Covid-19, so I can take more precautions to stop the virus from being passed onto anyone else.

NHS Track and Trace

21/06/2020: While Covid-19 has left me at just 10 events so far in 2020 and by now should be closer to 26 events, I'm still here and when the events start up again will be safe to shoot for you!

I've got Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Masks to cover my face for closer proximity to people and have invested in environmentally friendly hand sanitiser in-case of touching doors, etc.

While most of of my work is outdoors, I'm very aware of keeping people safe in any scenario - more than just Covid-19. So will do what's needed by the organiser to achieve this. I haven't been infected with it and hope to remain so. It's easy for me to keep 1 meter plus when photographs competitors in the fells of the Lake District.

While the past three months has been pretty slow, I've been keeping fit for the coming events. Will soon be checking my cameras to make sure they are all working and have new branded kit so everyone knows who's photographing them!

Jumpy James in a Covid-19 Mask