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Swimming to Happy in 2017

As a human being I am a sensitive one, more so with noise and too much going on, my mind can't cope with it. For 15 months previous to February 2017 I had a noise to deal with, which caused a lot of traumatic stress and I closed away most of my emotions to enable me to function better. After February of 2017 I moved house, not very far away but far enough for the noise to stop.

This year has been more about restoring myself to a happy state of being. Being inspired by the KMF swim night, ChillSwim, Gone Swimming and a local swim club Buoy 13, I decided to take up swimming after seeing and meeting lots of calm happy and fun people.

Since the 29th of May I've been wetsuit free, with the coldest place being Hard Tarn. Adventuring with friends mostly taking the direct route up and down to tarns, then swimming, taking photographs and eating cake is making me very happy, the harder it is to get there the better. Recording memories more for the people I am with. While the water is getting colder I don't seem to mind, my core copes well with it. I'll be taking some hot tea for winter!

I'll be entering ChillSwim in February 2018, that's for sure and I'll probably become a merman or an ice cube!

Local Temperature Gauge Windermere Gurnal Dubs Others

Capenwray 7.1°c
123 - December 30th

Race day at the Capers & Chips ChillSwim

Buckstones Jump 1.3°c
122 - December 29th

Nearly a glacier!

Buoy 13 6.2°c
121 - December 29th

Swimming in snow!

Gurnal Dubs 6.5°c
120 - December 26th

Just breath and slip in!

Buoy 13 6.6°c
119 - December 26th

Windy, colder, fun and a rainbow, that's a first!

High Dam 6.6°c
118 - December 25th

Calm air, water and plenty of smiles!

Buoy 13 7.2°c
117 - December 22nd

Flat, clam and a needed swim.

Capenwray 7.8°c
116 - December 16th

I just got in and swam!

Rydal 3.9°c
115 - December 12th

Now cold swimming is my happy place!

Brothers Water 3.8°c
114 - December 11th

Dipping with ICE!

Buoy 13 7.2°c
113 - December 9th

Calm waters today :-)

Buoy 13 6.8°c
112 - December 8th

Working on breathing and keeping warm.

Goats Water 3.0°c
111 - December 3rd

5 shoulder dips in this beautiful chilly tarn, my hands feeling it the most.

Quick Windermere Dip 7.0°c
110 - December 1st

A short dip after a photoshot.

Small Water #WWW 4.8°c
109 - November 26th

Snow on the fells and a zen feeling to this swim.

High Dam 7.6°c
108 - November 24th

Fun swim with great adventure friends!

Buoy 13 Dip 9.8°c
107 - November 18th

Not feeling the waves today.

Buoy 13 10.4°c
106 - November 14th

Slighly colder in Windermere but with good company.

Laugarvatn, Iceland 5.7°c
105 - November 8th

My coldist swim so far, before 2 hours of hot pools.

Seljavallalaug, Iceland 18°c
104 - November 7th

Again swimming, this time in the sunset.

Seljavallalaug, Iceland 23°c
103 - November 3rd

Swimming at the 1923 Icelandic pool, I found out about this 9 year ago.

Capenwray #nightswim 13.8°c
102 - November 1st

Swimming after the Fireworks 500

Buoy 13 12°c
101 - October 29th

Brrrrr but not dark :-)

Buoy 13 #100 12.1°c
100 - October 25th

100th swim of the year! :-)

Fell Foot with SleakerSwim #nightswim
99 - October 20th

A warm night dip after the event :-)

Buoy 13 13°c
98 - October 20th

Maybe the best cake I've made so far this year...

Buoy 13 12.1°c
97 - October 18th

So very calm on the lake :-)

Buoy 13 #stormy
96 - October 11th

Really windy, dark and plenty of waves. No hesitation to get in though the leafy mess. Only made it half way to the buoy!

Buckstones Jump 11.8°c
95 - October 10th

Playing around in the mill pond of bubbles!

Rydal 12.8°c
94 - October 10th

A minute dip in the lake.

Buoy 13 #nightswim 13°c
93 - October 5th

It's nice to do something good for people that they will remember, tonight I planned a little night swim with the amazing people from the Buoy 13 gang :-)

Buoy 13 #windy #dark 13.8°c
92 - October 4th

Dark, windy, choppy, brrr!

Rydal Swing #ropeswing 13.9°c
91 - October 1st

Walking with a few wild women from Buoy 13.

Bouy 13 with Bouy 13 #raining 14°c
90 - September 30th

Raining with no dry clothes, still the most amazing swim I've done because of the people in the club :-)

Windermere 14.5°c
89 - September 24th

Swimming, campfire and wonderful people :-)

Bouy 13 with Bouy 13 #cooler
88 - September 22nd

There's nothing like a sunrise swim with an amazing bunch of people :-)

Coniston #photoshoot
87 - September 19th

An early morning swimming with the sun and the myst rising.

Stickle Tarn #cold
86 - September 14th

Showing my Auntie around the highlights of the Lake District. The tarn was very cold!

Gurnal Dubs
85 - September 12th

I tried to swim in the heavy rain but ended up biking in it instead.

Yew Tree Tarn
84 - September 8th

... after passing this tarn many times on the bike or in a car, I finally swam here. A little cooler than expected.

Holme Fell Reservoir (East)
83 - September 8th

... finding more interesting locations to swim in, this was hidden away in the fells.

Banishead Quarry Tarn
82 - September 8th

Cooler than most tarns but a great setting, interesting access and a massive waterfall!

Buoy 13
81 - September 6th

My first time out with Buoy 13.

Brathay #epicevents
80 - September 3rd

Just time to get a quick swim in after working on the Windermere One Way swim event.

Crummock Water
79 - September 1st

Surprisingly warm at 8am.

Innominate Tarn
78 - 31st August

... exploring the northern tarns, this was shallow, warm and had a dramatic and moody backdrop.

Blackbeck Tarn #photoshoot
77 - 31st August

One tarn that almost looks like an infinty pool looking north.

Buoy 13 1/2 #wetsuit
76 - 30th August

Attempting to swim a bit further without much luck.

Rydal with KTC
75 - 29th August

Paddling around and eating sausages.

Fell Foot with SleakerSwim
74 - 27th August

After the SleakerSwim event I had a quick paddle around, finally found the block I had been looking for.

Hard Tarn #cold
73 - 26th August

... back here again, this time to have a better swim, need to go back again, not as cold as fresh rain water.

Grizedale Tarn
72 - 26th August

Ticking off another tarn, not a warm day.

Miller Ground
71 - 23rd August

A swim out to Buoy 13, my camera was playing up a bit.

Gurnal Dubs
70 - 22nd August

... finding some new places to swim after this, places I need to go back to.

Potter Tarn
69 - 22nd August

Taking the day off I went exploring and swimming.

Loughrigg Tarn
68 - 17th August

Alison 60th and a good swim around the tarn with a lot of her friends/family.

Miller Ground
67 - 15th August

I'd been to look at Podnet Tarn before arriving here, we jumped in.

Fell Foot
66 - 11th August

A canceled Wonderful Wild Women evening, still we went swimming.

Secret Pool
65 - 10th August

My secret pool swim, the weather was warm, the water cooler!

Angle Tarn
64 - 9th August

With a steep ascent/decent, this tarn was cool but worth getting there around sunset.

Easdale Tarn
63 - 8th August

... it's dark down there!

Codale Tarn
62 - 8th August

Capturing Alison and her friends in another tarn.

Alcock Tarn #nightswim
61 - 7th August

My first night swim, I took a timelapse so people could see where they had been going using the glowsticks. Another photo in Outdoor Swimmer.

Bassenthwaite Lake
60 - 5th August

There's not many times I would swim in here so I took the chance when I could while working around an event.

Hard Tarn #cold #highist
59 - 3rd August

A fresh rain water swim, which was very cold but made me very happy!

Capenwray #mytrievents
58 - 2nd August

Swimming in the blue ocean before photographing the event there.

Gurnal Dubs with KTC
57 - 1st August

First in and one of two in skins.

Buckstones Jump
56 - 1st August

Back here again, this time it's flowing a lot more.

Fell Foot #photoshoot
55 - 31st July

I missed out on swimming in the heavy rain :(

54 - 27th July

Just playing around, there were some drunk people around.

53 - 24th July

So many biting midges, I didn't stop here for long.

Secret Pool
52 - 24th July

My secret pool swim ;-)

Fell Foot
51 - 21st July

Swimming about and having fun.

Miller Ground with KTC
50 - 18th July

... finishing off the 28° day with the club.

Low Dam
49 - 18th July

... first time in here, it's cooler than High Dam and darker.

High Dam
48 - 18th July

... it was busier than normal.

Fell Foot
47 - 18th July

It was a 28° day so I had a bike swim adventure, Fell Foot was busy.

Secret Pool
46 - 17th July

A perfect photo without a dome.

Grasmere with WWW
45 - 14th July

A little bit of rain, a few photos and some great people to swim with.

44 - 13th July

First time swimming in Grasmere, no green weeds for me.

High Dam with KTC
43 - 11th July

Swimming about with the Tri Club.

High Dam #funkytrunks
42 - 9th July

I'd just bought some new Funky Trucks!

Gurnal Dubs
41 - 6th July

Experimenting with throwing my camera in the air.

Potter Tarn
40 - 25th June

... just look at that sunset and the tiny fishes.

Gurnal Dubs
39 - 25th June

A nice quiet evening for a swim.

38 - 24th June

It's a bit smelly in here, my wetsuit still regrets it.

Windermere Swim with SleakerSwim
37 - 23rd June

Before shooting a night swim, I had chance to swim myself.

Windermere Swim with WWW
36 - 21st June

Some yoga and then swimming with the wonderful wild women.

Rydal with KTC
35 - 20th June

Swimming about with the Tri Club.

Kentmere Reservoir
34 - 19th June

We biked up to the tarn where my friend had never swam before.

Gurnal Dubs
33 - 14th June

Another swim in our local pool :-)

Coniston Peel Island
32 - 13th June

A longer swim with some front crawl practice.

Buttermere #swimrun #tadpoleround 2:28:39
31 - 6th June

... it was warm in the lake, windy out and the running wasn't bad in a wetsuit.

Crummock Water #swimrun #tadpoleround 2:28:39
30 - 6th June

A big adventure in some interesting weather.

Coniston #lakelandtrails
29 - 4th June

Much to the suprise of the Lakeland Trails team I went swimming after photographing the event.

Buckstones Jump
28 - 2nd June

A nice sunny day and exploring a new swimming spot.

27 - 2nd June

Waiting for Wayne to get in the water was funny!

Gurnal Dubs (no wetsuit)
26 - 31st May

It was warm, there were a few people swimming.

Borthwen, Rhoscolyn, Wales #goneswimming (no wetsuit) #photoshoot
25 - 29th May

It took me sometime to get in but I swam in the cold sea.

Four Mile Bridge to Plas Cymyran 4.5kms #goneswimming #photoshoot
24 - 28th May

More Gone Swimming adventures this time down a river, along with the crabs and a massive SUP.

Ynys y Fydlyn, Wales #goneswimming #photoshoot
23 - 27th May

A somewhat different swim with some unhappy seas.

Porth Dafarch, Wales #goneswimming (no wetsuit) #photoshoot
22 - 26th May

Holiday time with some amazing people!

Rive Lune
21 - 24th May

Playing around in the river, something different and exciting.

20 - 23rd May

A quick paddle about while Wayne got some distance in.

Rydal (no wetsuit)
19 - 21st May

After photographing the Brathay Marathon I went for a swim.

Low Water
18 - 18th May

... the same day in the Coniston Fells, again quite cold.

Goats Water
17 - 18th May

A very cold tarn in the Coniston Fells.

Kentmere Reservoir
16 - 17th May

My first time out with Alison and her 60 Tarns challange.

Miller Ground with KTC
15 - 16th May

Out with Kendal Tri Club on a social swim.

Harrop Tarn
14 - 11th May

Not an easy one to get to but it's got a great views all around.

High Dam
13 - 10th May

My first time swimming around in skins, it wasn't that cold.

Fell Foot/River
12 - 9th May

Instead of swimming around Fell Foot we went down the river to explore.

Potter Tarn
11 - 5th May

... the sun was setting and it was fun swimming!

Gurnal Dubs
10 - 5th May

A little swim run around the two tarns.

Rydal (no gloves)
9 - 3rd May

First time with no gloves.

Rydal 2km 48mins (12mins 500m)
8 - 3rd May

A mini adventure across Rydal, it was a lovely day.

Capenwray (quick no wetsuit)
7 - 1st May

Playing breifly in skins!

Fell Foot
6 - 18th April

It was a winter morning, I'd got a new camera and dome to play with.

Miller Ground
5 - 16th April

Braving the cold water, I needed to swim.

Blea Tarn
4 - 11th April

What a view, this photo got in to Outdoor Swimmer.

Gurnal Dubs
3 - 9th April

The water wasn't much warmer but still full neoprene in the water.

2 - 2nd March

A very short swim in very cold waters, notice the snow on the fells. Not using gloves was a bad idea this time.

New Years Day with SleakerSwim
1 - 1st Jan

My first swim of the year, very cold and very short.